How Obi Of Nnewichi Received #5millon Bribe To Endorse Ngonadi

Obi Of Nnewichi

How Obi Of Nnewichi Received #5millon Bribe To Endorse Ngonadi

Traditional rulers are respected and regarded as royal fathers of the people. The institution of traditional rulers is an enduring part of our heritage. They play a critical role as the custodian of culture and traditions.
As the fathers of the people, they are not expected to participate in partisan politics which entails expressing preference for a particular political party.
In the industrial and commercial city of Nnewi, Investigation from the royal palace of Obi Nnewichi (One of the Royal Fathers of four the (4) villages in Nnewi) have revealed that the sum of Five (5) Millon Naira was given to Obi Nnewichi, Obi George Onyekaba (Obidiugwu) to endorse the Young Progressives Party (YPP) candidate for Nnewi North State Constituency, Obinna Ngonadi.

The romance between Obinna Ngonadi and Obi Nnewichi, Obi George Onyekaba (Obidiugwu) started even before the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) party primaries, which his preferred candidate Obinna lost to Nonso Okafor.

Before the primaries, Obi Onyekaba called many meetings in his palace telling people that Obinna Ngonadi is the preferred candidate of Nnewichi Community.
After Obinna Ngonadi lost the APGA party primaries and joined the Young Progressive Party (YPP), Obi George Onyekaba (Obidiugwu) maintained his position that Obinna Ngonadi was the preferred candidate, he started to take Obinna round Nnewi community while campaigning for him.
Upon investigation, it was found out that Obi George Onyekaba (Obidiugwu) was bribed with #5Million by Mr Humphrey Ngonadi to intensify his support for Obinna after the latter joined YPP. The #5Million which was given to him after he had a meeting with Obinna Ngonadi and Mr. Humphrey Ngonadi, Father to Obinna Ngonadi, with other agreement attached to it.
Revelations made available said that apart from the 5 Million Naira given to him, they also agreed of certain amount of money which will be returned to Obi George Onyekaba (Obidiugwu) every month, if Obinna gets elected. He was promised to give employment slots to him whenever it is available.
As part of fulfilling his own part of the agreement, he has collapsed his traditional stool and have continued to use every authority exercisable by him to campaign for Obinna Ngonadi.
Apart from taking him round to meet stakeholders in Nnewi, he have on several occasions warned sternly against voting for other candidates expect Obinna Ngonadi.
Currently he has also written a signed fallacious document which state that the House of Assembly seat has been zoned to Okpono Community where Obinna Ngonadi comes from. This text which was by signed by Obi Nnewichi is being distributed by Obinna Ngonadi in all his campaign tours.

While we know Obidiugwu can give any candidate who visit him royal blessings, it is improper for him to campaign for the election of any candidate. Wisdom dictates that such preference of a candidate should be kept subtle and private. This is because Obidiugwu is expected to be father of all. He represents an institution that transcends partisan, religious and other sectional divisions.

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