The National president of *Great Ugbawka youth Association( GUYA),* Comr Emmanuel Ebuka Chukwu answered some questions that were posed to him on interview by *StateReporter news*, the interview was based on the idea behind the formation of the association, it’s achievements among others.

Hear him;

stateReporter news: Good evening sir,can you tell us your name ?

Emmanuel: My name is Emmanuel Ebuka Chukwu.

SRN: we leant that you are the National president of Great Ugbawka youth Association. Can you tell us something about the association and why it was formed?

Emmanuel: Great Ugbawka youth Association as the name implies, is an association or organization of distinguished youths who are indigenes of Ugbawka. Mind you, it’s not for every Ugbawka youth but for those who are ready to stand for the truth, sacrifice everything worthy of sacrifice for the peace, unity and progress of Ugbawka Town.

SRP: Can you explain more on why you said it’s not for everybody?

Emmanuel: History thought us that in every movement, they were the people that took it upon themselves. It’s so in freedom fighting, check the likes of Nelson Mandela in south Africa, Martin Luther King in America. They were individuals who led a cause; the freedom of their people from the oppressive hands of the white. Mind you that not all Black in South Africa joined the movement, mind you that not all Black in American joined Martin Luther king in America, but only a few who understand what freedom was all about. Likewise this movement, we know the importance,therefore, we want to work with those who are passionate and determined to see Ugbawka succeed.

SRN: What was the motivation for the formation of this Association?

Emmanuel: Well, the main reason why Ugbawka youths came together to form Great Ugbawka youth Association is because they feel relegated to the background by the government, both in the state and in the local government. They feel that Ugbawka is forgotten, they feel that they are not given the same attention that are given to other towns and communities in Enugu state in terms of light, good road network, hospital, education and other infrastructural development. For this reasons, they believe that the only way to remedy the situation is by youths coming together to channel their cause to the concern authorities.

SRN: Is there age limitation, or distance barrier to the membership of the association.

Emmanuel: Great Ugbawka youth Association is not restricted to a particular age or for a particular people in a particular place. Talking of age limitation, we work with everyone who love what we are doing, of course we have members which some may see as have exceeded the youthful age, but those people love what we are doing and they are so passionate about that, we Work with them and even pray to have more of them. Once you are mature in thinking and love to see Ugbawka progress, we will be willing to accept you irrespective of your age, after all, we are working for the general progress of Ugbawka. But in the area of leadership, it’s strictly meant for the young ones, our elders are to advise us and show us a better way to follow. Unlike many youth organization of today, you will see a man of 60 years heading a position in a suppose youth organization.
In the area of distance, we have people around the globe who are part of this movement, it doesn’t matter where you reside. One good thing about this movement is that it has succeed in uniting Ugbawka youths irrespective where you base. So distance is no issue to Great Ugbawka youth Association.
SRN:Are you optimistic that Enugu state government will through this association heed to the demand of your people?

Emmanuel: Of course, I am. They have started heeding to our demand already. We thank God for the kind of Governor we have who listens to the cry of his people. He is a peace loving governor. I believe he will hear our cry, if he could remember other people, I believe Ugbawka case is not going to be different.

SRN: Has the Association made any progress since its inception?

Emmanuel: The Association has made a lots of progress to numerous to mention. Let me just mention one or two. You may recall the incidence that took place sometime last month, the 15th of June to be precise, when Fulani herdsmen invaded our land robbed our people and abducted some ladies. It’s this association that cried out on the heinous crime against humanity and the police’s unreadiness to rescue the victims. It’s on record that two days after the outburst of Great Ugbawka youth Association, the state government and security operatives swung in to action that led to the release of the abducted victims. The same thing happened when we saw the learning condition our younger ones in primary and secondary schools are subjected to as a result of dilapidated conditions of our schools in some part of Ugbawka. We took it to the government, with the effort of the councillor of the ward, our voice have been heard and we are waiting for work to commence in the schools as soon as possible. So we have made a lots of progress and are still making.
SRN: Is there anything you want to tell government of Enugu state to do for your people through this platform?

Emmanuel: I want to first commend the effort of Enugu state governor, His Excellency,Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for his good leadership in Enugu state. I must commend him, he Is a man of the the people. I want to then draw the attention of the state government to the sufferings of Ugbawka people. I at times wonder if Ugbawka is part of Enugu state, became they are left behind in many things. We have Political leaders who can not speak out for their people, once they are okey with the money they are given, every other things dont matter to them. We want to appeal to our amiable Governor to come to our aid. Ugbawka is nothing to write home about in terms road, electricity, infrastructural developments, etc. .

SRN: Thank you very much Comr Emmanuel for your time.

Emmanuel: It’s my pleasure, thank you.



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