Ndi Igbo United forum warns Chief Nnia Nwodo to stay clear from Politics.

*Ndi Igbo United forum warns Chief Nnia Nwodo to stay clear from Politics.*

NDI IGBO UNITED FORUM a social political group stand firmly to say that they  disassociating themselves from what OHANEZE NDI IGBO President Chief Nnia Nwodo said on Channel Television on 7th October 2023 were he said

“That Igbos can’t produce Nigeria Presidency come 2023.and that Ohanaeze stands for restructuring”.


NDI IGBO UNITED FORUM want to tell the world that the best thing that will happen to Nigeria Nation is to support Igbo Presidency come 2023.

Chief Nnia Nwodo should know that Ohaneze Ndi Igbo is a social cultural group and Should be apolitical. He should know the function of a group he represent.


We want Chief Nnia Nwodo to know that he is going against the Aim and objectives  governing Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo.

His speech on Channel Television against Igbo Presidency is a slap to the entire Igbo nation

We urge him to go back to channel television and tender Public appology to the entire Igbo nation



NDI IGBO UNITED FORUM are calling on all Igbo’s wherever they are to rise to stand firm to actualized  Igbo Presidency come 2023.


We should join hands as other ethic group elders are supporting Igbo Presidency 2023.

We believe that Igbo Presidency will be the final solution for Nigeria  problem as a nation.

We also call on Chief Nnia Nwodo to stop sabotaging  the effort of the entire Igbos due to his selfish reasons and focus on How to build the Igbo Culture.


_Hon Agu Chineme,Akidi Ndi Igbo_

*Acting National Publicity Secretary*



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