Justice Mary Odili Is Conspicuously Missing

By Ugo Egbujo

Okay the list is out.

Justice Mary Odili is conspicuously missing.

I dont want to imagine what an Onnoghen list would have looked like.

Buhari dodged a poisoned arrow.

You would expect Fani Kayode to say one or two things later.

Something about the death of the independence of the judiciary and the Amalekites

Timi Frank may call on the UN to dissolve the supreme court.

Justice Ngwuta is not there.

He is now innocent. But perhaps his sort of innocence disqualified him.

It’s also possible he checked his heart and found too much bias and opted out.

Good Judges and Justices do that.

The list is out.

We may get one or two tweets from Dubai.

In China , no one can question the integrity of such a panel and return to any platform for public speaking.

Ask Peter Obi.

I had said it would take walking on water and turning water to wine at the shore for any Supreme court panel to upturn the relevant findings of the court of Appeal.

The list is out. Odili and Ngwuta are out.

They will now have to raise the dead to win. Honestly facts dont lie.

An Onnoghen list would have had Onnoghen, Vivour, Odili, Ngwuta…..on a panel of seven.

That would have been quite interesting. Olorun!

Who knows if Atiku is still coming.

Since the appeal court judgment he has been chewing gworo and learning butterfly strokes in Dubai.