The Enugu State Example of Building a City In The Midst of The Poor

*Building A City in the Midst of Impoverished and Devastated Citizens By the Master Planners Whose Buildings are Sitting on the Master Plan itself*: _The Enugu Example._


*Martins Chiedozie Ugwu*



*”The poor cannot sleep, because they are hungry and the rich cannot sleep, because the poor are awake and angry.”*


*Deep wealth* disparities affect everyone, because the political and economic system on which our prosperity depends keep comforting the rich at the expense of the poor. As condemned by bunch of academic pundits and media cognoscenti which have continually questioned the idea behind the recent demolition of artisans  shops and business of the common commoners in Enugu State, in this season of the year, in the guise of restoring the Enugu State Master Plan. Where is the conscience and agenda of this government. Who are the people advising this government or is the government tumbling on the highway of the road, looking for anything to hold unto for a facelift, maybe.


Since the beginning of time, it’s been entrepreneurs that drive the creation of innovation. True breakthroughs have been the result of an individual or small team who had an idea and the determination to see it through to fruition but the worst happen to a society and its people when the government they elected to protect them and advance their vision seems like on a mission to impoverish them the more and enrich the rich. They want to make Enugu state look serene and I ask,  why faking hungry. To whose comfort or benefit, the very very few rich; I guess, to the detriment of the more than million others.  Is this the right governance? What happened to those buildings inside water ways along Enugu sport Harcourt express road. No One will go there because they belong to the untouched class. The poor must be crushed agenda.


In one of their damage control effort, the praise singers reminded us how we admire beautiful cities whenever we travel abroad and therefore want to replicate same in Enugu state, what a beautiful thinking but uninformed mind. Yes because you forgot the stages of development and how those developed world attained their present feat. Bro, they did not achieve development by under developing their people, rather the feat was achieved by first tackling abject poverty and tactically move the people away from the street or road side by creating jobs & innovation to get them busy. You don’t force a hungry man to be happy no, it doesn’t work, if that must happen, something to eat must be in the waiting or on its way coming.


What are the palliative measures this administration created to provide alternative for these helpless poor whose lives are being shattered. I shade tears when I sighted about 70 years old man crying profusely with his daughter, standing on the leveled kiosk where the survival of the entire family comes from. That old man’s fate is what I don’t know how it will be. I looked at him with pain in my heart how elected leaders can deeply wound same people that elected them with no sense of pity.


Since the inception of this administration I challenge the administration to name or list any industry or job built or created by this administration; of course none. Don’t tell me about that Propaganda Building called Enugu State Small and Medium Enterprise. F**k that administrative building close to All Saints Anglican Church. F**k the staff and the management of that building who are trained to lie like recruited fraudsters.


Same mentality and myopic style of governance is what is still fueling crime and breeding poverty in the society of ours where government want everyone to be praising them even when they are on their way to dystopia – praise them. Even when they goes around snatching people’s

wife-honour them. Even when is obvious that they on a mission to self destruction – pampered them. No, that era must to end to give way for the right spirit for genuine activism. These eyes service policies must end to give way for genuine peoples policy and implementation.


Finally, I think I will be doing my conscience a great disservice if I fail to point out here that the people of Enugu State, I mean the millions of people of this state are not happy with this administration. If you doubt it, it cost you nothing to arrange with a dozen firm to conduct a poll and let them publish their result for us to see. This strategy is what Informed Government use to keep themselves checked secretly and improve where need be. We should not only think like an enlightened people, we should act like an inform being.


Peace Be unto the people of Enugu State.



*Fellow Martins Chiedozie Ugwu*


Former International President-All African Students, former country Representative of the world Students Assembly and Governorship Candidate under Justice Must Prevail Party [Enugu State].



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