IMPERSNATION & FORGERY: The Making of Enugu State IPAC Election

IPAC Election

IMPERSNATION & FORGERY: The Making of Enugu State IPAC Election.


Martins Chiedozie Ugwu


“While claiming advocacy, what disingenuous people really exhibit is self-interest. Often, this is because there is only the self to support their false claims; any revelations merely provide further opportunities for details of their questioned and disgraceful personality.”


Throughout the history of mankind, there have been countless atrocities committed due to the cruel and irrational impulses of shameless fellows  in power. This includes barbaric ways of rigging election, sharp practices and suppression of the weaker ones,


The events yesterday being 2nd december 2019, at INEC office Enugu revealed the fake integrity as claimed by the leader of the IPAC Election Committee sent to Enugu to conduct the election, Chief Mrs. Chike Ibeneme of MAJA. As she thought that everyone is a fool, she initiated Christian songs, handling microphone to Party Chairmen to distract attention so as to bring in more fake chairmen and she thoughts people were ignorance of her attitude but that is a by the way and a story for another day.


The shameless organization called Junior Chambers Intentional [JCI] Enugu, who have constituted themselves as standby party chairmen messed the integrity  of the organization and a disgrace to such respected international organization I once held with pride then in school.


The shameless National Chairman of UDP one Augustine Okoye who asked “if we want to elect someone who shortchanged his political party but he end up giving way for impersonation and forgery and allowed fake Party Chairmen inside the voting hall in order to influence the vote to the benefit of his sponsor who sponsored him to Enugu for such mission because I understand he is not meant to be in Enugu and not among the election committee.


And finally arrests were made, a revelation of the much criticised shameful attitude of these selfish fellows in taking people’s party and suppressing the dissent voices to enable them continue in their disgraceful manner which they now see as norm or interpreted in their  arrogance thinking as smartness.


The arrested party chairmen include:


Barr. John Nwobodo- Former Enugu State IPAC Chairman and Former SSA to Governor Ugwuanyi.


Engr. Chinedu  Anuche: former and the present elected Deputy Chairman 1.


And Pastor Manifest Nnamani- The former state IPAC secretary who was downgraded by his constituency to contest for Deputy Chairman II which he lost to a woman. The lost is not unconnected with his poor performance and lack of independent from his boss who was also arrested.


The trio were handcuffed and taken out of the INEC office [where the election was conducted] like common criminals and in a such a disgraceful way by security agency, on charges bordering impersonation and forgery. According to the complainant Hon. Okey Cosmos of People Coalition Party [PCP], alleged that they forged appointment letter and issued to someone to act as the State Party Chairman of Peoples Coalition Party (PCP) but luck ran our of them when the authentic State Chairman of the Party Hon. Okey Cosmos arrived INEC office for the election.


Throughout the time the voting exercise lasted, I have seen with disdain how corrupt and dubious some persons can be. These are the people who called themselves party leaders. Is it not even silly hearing some uncircumsized fellows threatening me at the venue. I have no word for you fellows till any attempt to change the tune of the music.  I rest my case on that.


For you who have collaborated to weaken the democratic institution, perpetuate injustice and commit shameful act that is unbecoming of a party leader, you will not only face the earthly judgement, history is piling some records for you.


However, I personally, cannot sort out the enormous injustices which plague our world. Injustices like the conflict and sharp practices going on around the world, the political atrocities being committed in Nigeria political sphere by the people who said they are party leaders but busy perpetuating crime, fraud, and social intolerance. These injustices I know will take time to sort out and the work of thousands or millions of good people working together to clean up the system never be in vain. But as a person, within my individual capacity, as we wrap up pressure to send these dubious and corrupt persons packing from the politics of Nigeria, I can and will always battle injustice within my sphere of influence.


Martins Chiedozie Ugwu

Former International President- All African Students. Former Country Representative World Students Assembly.  Chancellor -Noble Youth organization of Africa and former gubernatorial candidate in Enugu state under Justice Must Prevail Party.,



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