“If we want to address youth unemployment, it’s important to invest in young entrepreneurs and allow them make the right policy they needed to drive the economy” ALA (Africa Leadership Academy) founder  Fred Swaniker said at the 2018 ‘The Anzisha Prize’ in his keynote address, in Johannesburg, South Africa”


He not only paid tribute to the finalists who emerged at the end of the ceremony but also outlined the principle need for a support system for the young innovators who would go on to play a critical role in providing real solutions to Africa’s socio economic problems.


Contemporary socio-political and economic conditions engendered by poor governance and the contradictions of decadent capitalism have led the youth into unemployment, underemployment, idleness, and unproductive and criminal activities for survival. The reason for this is not unconnected with the fact that right leadership to drive the needed policy is seriously in lack.


During the last administration in the Enugu state, to an extent the state witnessed infrastructural turnaround and one expect that incoming government will continue on another direction to improve, uplift and  redefine the lives of people of the state especially the young ones in the state but when administration is not in touch with the modern realities, what do you expect.


And one begin to panic and get so much worried when an elected government have no meaningful program for its teaming youth. Where are the industries in Enugu. What happened to the existing ones that keep going moribund. Is it not shocking to know that since the inception of this administration, not a single industry was built both directly or indirectly thru this administration of governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, not even a tissue company. What a government.


In Enugu State, ordinary water is like sourcing for gold mine or crude oil. How do we describe a father that cannot provide ordinary drinking water. An irresponsible father ofcourse. I don’t know or remember how many streets in Enugu with pipe born water. So shameful to know that the entire state depends on commercial water vendors and even the seat of power most of the times depends on this people for their water need. What a government?


The CNPP, Enugu State is calling on the state government to wake up from its existential slumber and sit up to its responsibility before the entire state wallow in trachoma disease.


We call on the government to wake up, reach out to investors and facilitate the establishment of companies to create job for the Enugu people especially the youth who have not benefited any single thing from this government apart from the fiticious skill acquisition where one is expected to learn everything about computer under three days, who is deceiving who.  The Entrepreneurial office in the state is a big sham and the staff are also collaborators which is so bad for the state.


The Enugu State CNPP is calling on the government of the state to rise on it feet and begin to implement people oriented policies especially as the tenure of this administration is about to end or this government will go down in history as the worst and most clueless administration  Enugu State ever had.



Chief Adonis Igwe JP


Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, (CNPP-ENUGU STATE)



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